Lazy Single Girl takes on Pinterest. Alternatively titled: How to Handle a Pinterest Induced Anxiety Attack

I’ve been a bad blogger.  I haven’t posted in, well, longer than I care to admit for having a new blog.  BUT, I have a good excuse, and it’s called Pinterest.  I decided a few days ago that my next post was going to be about someone like me, the Lazy Single Girl (or LSG for short…because, I’m lazy) taking on something like Pinterest.  Which is NOT a lazy endeavor. At all.  In fact, I’ve decided that maneuvering through Pinterest is harder than complex math.  Maybe even harder than figuring out COMMON CORE, which is basically gibberish (sorry not sorry, math people).  I promised myself I wouldn’t post until I got an account set up and figured a few things out, which consisted of several days of panic attacks, a few episodes of throwing my phone across the room, and a lot of “NO ONE’S HOUSE REALLY LOOKS LIKE THAT LADY”.  But, finally, here we are.  Don’t get too excited, there’s not much, but by God I have 6 boards and I’m proud of it.  Except the photography board has a baby on the cover, which sort of freaks me out, because every time I open it up I’m like, WHY IS THERE A BABY IN MY PINTEREST, but then I remember it’s just an article about how to take good indoor photos.  Which is a must have for, you know, cats.

Pretty adorable kid, but WOW look at that lighting. Photo cred:

I have a “fitness” board, and a “food” board, which are both in “quotations” because I don’t currently cook, and I don’t currently fitness, but someone once told me Pinterest was like a big online vision board a la The Secret, so it stands to reason that if I pin a bunch of dishes to cook, and exercises to try, then one day I will just magically begin to do those things, correct?  One can only hope.  If that’s the case I also need a board for cleaning and getting places on time, and learning to avoid run-on sentences, but…baby steps.

I also have a board for Products because, hey tiny little bottle that costs a fortune, if you say you’re going to get rid of the circles under my eyes and make me look like Blake Lively, then you are coming home with me.  My last two boards are titled “Humor” and “The Lazy Single Girl” and both are empty, so read into that what you will.  My next plan is to add one for travel and maybe one for blogging because BOY does Pinterest love bloggers (and vice versa).  FYI – it took everything in me not to have a board just for cats, but so far I’ve refrained.  Take THAT cat lady rumors.  (OHMIGOD YOU GUYS THAT LINK I’M DYING).

I’ve learned that the Pinterest search bar is kind of like Google, so that does make it user friendly.  You can basically just ask it a question and it comes ups with all these little ideas for your vision board, like magic.


This pretty much sums it up

I, for one, think I will sort of miss having a bulletin board because at least with pin tacks I can just stick myself in the eyes when somebody talks about making easy DIY headboards.

So what about you guys?  Are you avid Pinners?  Is that what it’s called?  What do you pin and why?

Happy Pinning everyone!



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  1. I’m pretty solid on pinterest. Found a killer shortcut feature. I go on there and pull up whatever my wife is pinning. I can look through all the coolest stuff she has been tracking for a week in just a few minutes. Then I can do it again in a year when something jogs my memory and i recall that pinterest exists.

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