Ahhh, the Oscars.  That exciting time of the year when the stars come out in full force and somebody gives Khloe Kardashian a microphone and lets her talk about fashion and whether a dress is “Oscary” enough.  When Jennifer Aniston reminds us all that even though she did a movie this year where she wore no makeup, she’s still hot as hell and don’t you forget it.  And when Lady Gaga manages to beautifully pull off a Sound of Music tribute reminding us that, yes, sometimes she wears a dress made of meat and shows up in a space egg, but the girl has some serious pipes.  Also, the fashion was pretty amazing, here are some of the looks I loved.  It really helps you appreciate these dresses if you watch the Oscars wearing sweatpants.  Just a tip.


All in all I thought the 2015 Oscars were pretty good.  Some of NPH’s jokes fell a bit flat, for example, the show-long running joke about his Oscar predictions in a glass case that was never more than just kind of funny (and only when Octavia Spencer was looking at him like he’d lost his damn mind).  Or his attempt at teasing Oprah regarding her insurmountable wealth, to which Oprah responded by throwing some pretty serious shade.  But he started off the show with a great joke about the lack of diversity in the Academy’s nominees, and then NPH did what NPH does best and broke out into song and dance with the ever lovely and talented Anna Kendrick.  The only thing that made their performance even better was Jack Black doing a mid-song rant, only to be shooed off stage by Kendrick’s flying Jimmy Choo.

I would go into the highs and lows of the entire show, but  that is what E! Online is for.  What I will say is that there were some pretty great acceptance speeches, so if you didn’t watch them, definitely click the link above and read the recap. From Graham Moore’s “Stay different. Stay weird” mantra when discussing how teenagers can feel so out-of-place growing up and his own attempted suicide when he was 16 (please please please, always remember, it gets better),  to Patricia Arquette’s “I am Woman Hear Me Roar” demand for equal pay, to the moving performance and speech by John Legend and Common after they took home the statue for “Glory” from Selma, the Oscars were pretty touching last night.  And when Julie Andrews took the stage after Gaga’s performance my heart exploded just a little bit.  I have to admit I never thought I would see Fräulein Maria talking to Lady Gaga, but hey! That’s the magic of film making, right???

PS – Khloe, if you ever talk s*** about my girl Anna K again, we will have to street fight.  Can someone please let her publicist know?  K, thanks.

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  1. This thought came to me last night: “The only thing worse than watching the Oscars on TV in its entirety is having to sit through it in person in its entirety.”

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